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"I’ve done business with Silver Star within a few months after Alan opened his shop. Silver Star has serviced every Mercedes I’ve owned in addition to my 1995 Chevrolet Suburban. I can’t say enough good about Silver Star. When I heard that Scott Murphy was purchasing the shop from Alan I was thrilled. I first met Scott when he was an all around young man right of school - an employee of MB of Spokane. I’ve followed his career for many years. I’m thrilled Scott purchased Silver Star and I’ll continue to have my card serviced there."

Steve Berde

"For the first time in my life I've found a team of auto mechanics I can trust. I've presented them with some very challenging vehicle repairs and they've always gotten the job done. More importantly, they were honest, more than fair, quick and friendly. Highly recommended! Thank you SO much for peace of mind."


Leslie Guzman



"I've always been treated with honesty, respect, and fairness. These guys get the job done the right way and are always willing to walk you through whatever repairs were needed. Absolutely the best."

Matthew Aakre



"I would not take my cars anywhere else! They are upfront, honest, and repair only what is needed. I appreciate the courtesy and professionalism that I receive every time I call or go in. It is much appreciated."

Ines K



"This is a long overdue review of the excellent service during and after I had some work done with this amazing establishment.  I will never take for granted the treatment that I received from these guys.  My experience was from getting my 1996 A4 serviced by these gentlemen.  I needed some work and they came recommended by several people and I know why.  Not only were they timely and professional they made sure that everything was completed even the small things like ensuring that all of my fluids were at the correct levels, without charging me.  They even filled my washer fluid free of charge.  But my greatest recommendation for their service shop is that I move a few weeks after having a major service done there and my alternator seized and that caused my serpentine belt to get shredded and wrapped around the other pullies.  They paid for the service even though they didn’t even work on that part.  I wish I could find a mechanic shop like that where I live now.  Customer service like this is a thing of the past.  If I can ever get back to Spokane I will definitely have all of my car work done at Silver Star Automotive.  Thank you for everything that your shop did."


Eric Ferguson



"I'm very happy with the quality of service provided by Silver Star for my 2008 Mercedes automobile. I find the quality of service to be higher (and less costly) than the dealership in Liberty Lake and the location in downtown Spokane is more convenient for me."


David Green





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